Abrasive Blasting

The blasting services provided by Titan Industrial Coatings span a range of in-house and mobile blasting capabilities.

Based on your exact needs, the underlying material, and other factors we select the best method to use.

  • Wet Abrasive Blasting (Dustless)
  • Dry Abrasive Blasting
  • Soda Blasting

We then select the best type of media and grit size to use to achieve the ultimate finish:

  • Crushed Glass
  • Garnet
  • Soda

Marine Cleaning

We specialize in bottom paint removal from any substrate. Wet abrasive blasting and crushed glass can safely remove years of bottom paint and will not harm fiberglass, cold molded wood, aluminium, or steel hulls.

Remove all that old paint. Uncover blisters that need to be opened and filled. Then give your boat hull a fresh paint job with an epoxy barrier coat and ablative bottom paint.

Wet abrasive blasting can remove bottom paint much faster than anyone with a sander – with a much more consistent and deep cleaning result. We remove just the old paint – a sander can remove part of your hull.

Rust and corrosion are a constant in our marine environment here on the coast. And that corrosion costs us $$ in damage, broken parts, and lower value.

We can help you clean and prepare any marine item for a new paint or coating. From entire steel barges to deck equipment on a fishing boat – we do it all.

Leave your sanders, needle guns, and paint strippers in the shop – save hundreds of hours of labor – and call us to properly prepare your marine items.

Environmentally Friendly

We are concerned and responsible citizens with respect to our environment. We use environmentally-friendly products and employ environmentally-friendly techniques.

Our media consists of “recycled” crushed glass, baking soda, walnut shells, and Garnet (which is mined from quarries). Depending on the project – we employ dustless wet blasting to reduce the dust 95% or better.

Industrial Maintenance

You have a lot of steel and aluminum in your plant facility.

And your maintenance crew probably does not have the time to sand and paint and keep up with corrosion.

Whether it is keeping equipment in proper working order or meeting OSHA Safety requirements – maintenance crews are busier all the time.

Call us to discuss solutions for corrosion removal and coating options. 800.961.5838​

Buildings and Facilities

Do you want that brick wall to look like new again?

Want to remove paint from brick or concrete?

Want to have a fresh look to your patio stone?

Are you restoring an historic house or building?

We do all this and much more. Abrasive blasting is well suited to cleaning brick and concrete. We can remove all the old paint, mildew, and stains that conventional power washing can never touch.

We can also provide the following services:

  • Parking Line removal
  • Removing paint from curbs
  • Cleaning statues and monuments
  • Swimming pools & fountains (cleaning or paint removal)

We will select the technique and media that is best for your project. Our goal is to remove the corrosion or paint – and leave the brick, concrete, or other material undamaged and in like new condition.

Heavy Equipment

Your business and income depend on your heavy equipment working and being in top condition at all times. But everything corrodes – rust weakens parts – costs of repairs are high. And cost of down time and loss of income can be higher.

Appearance is important to customers these days. Everything does not have to be shiny new – but it should not be a rolling rust bucket.

We can blast and clean any heavy and construction equipment.

We work closely with you to target the high corrosion areas – get them cleaned and painted – and get you back in service.

A typical bulldozer or exacator under carriage and tracks can be blasted and painted in one day.

Give new life to your equipment – look professional – and save thousands of dollars in repair bills.